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Mix Gypsy Bracelets - Green Quartz

Mix Gypsy Bracelets - Green Quartz

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Gypsy bracelet mix
- Nude thread braided with golden chain
- Green rubber details and gold-plated polka dots
- Stripe stamped with a Green Quartz stone on the central part
- Mix of colored lines and details in golden polka dots
- 6 mm beige cotton rope and yellow calcite stone gravel
Our pieces are authorial and handmade, with natural stones, they may vary in size and color, which makes them unique. Cherish these nuances!

About Yellow Calcite
It helps us to structure our emotional, improving our self-esteem and helping to get rid of emotional insecurities, and can help in the treatment of depression. It helps to develop a feeling of gratitude and to recognize that the Divine is providing everything we need.
It brings mental clarity, helps us keep energy focused while maintaining the grounding necessary to complete complex tasks and long projects. It stimulates the intellect by enabling the analysis of challenges, helping us to discover more effective solutions.


Green Quartz transmits the healing energy of the Green Ray to the cells and thus strengthens the health as a whole, rejuvenates the body and increases our self-healing power.

Its energies protect against energy vampirism, transform negative energies into positive ones and help to attract prosperity to its bearer.

It also improves overall health, increases our energy, eliminates physical and mental fatigue, balances emotions and strengthens metabolism.

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