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Golden Choker Necklace With Citrine Stone.

Golden Choker Necklace With Citrine Stone.

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Golden Choker with cintrine crystal

- Our golden choker is composed of four braided chains, plated in gold and a citrine stone in the center.

- bathe in hypoallergenic and contains no nickel.

- Our pieces are authorial and handmade, with natural stones, they may vary in size and color, which makes them unique. Cherish these nuances!


Citrine is considered one of the most powerful crystals to attract prosperity, open the way and also to increase our energy and vitality.

It neutralizes negative energies and offers us an auric protection capable of helping our intuition to identify

possible dangers and threats. In addition to acting positively in cases of mental exhaustion, being even

recommended for students.

Citrus has high healing energy that vitalizes and purifies the entire digestive system, favors the detoxification of the

liver and helps with kidney infections

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All of our Jewelrys are hand-crafted and made in Brazil, most of your items are shipped from U.S.A , if not in stock
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