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Maresia pendulum Necklace with Amazonite stone

Maresia pendulum Necklace with Amazonite stone

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Maresia pendulum Necklace with Amazonite stone


- Nosso colar  dourada ,banhada á ouro com  pedras amazonita no centro. 
- Nosso banho é hipoalergênico e não contem niquel. 
- As nossas peças são autorais e feitas a mão, com pedras naturais, podem apresentar variações de tamanho e cor, o que a faz única.



Amazonite is a special stone that attracts good luck, strengthens the mind and purifies the energies.

Emotionally, Amazonite reduces trauma and fears, relieves worries, calms the mind and nervous system and improves the quality of sleep.

It protects us against electrical radiation, favors learning and studies and awakens creativity.

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