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Araras Earring Silver - Green Agate

Araras Earring Silver - Green Agate

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Silver Araras Earring - Green Agate

-Our pieces have a gold-plated structure with an agate stone at the end.

-Our light point is composed of green quartz

-Our bath is hypoallergenic and does not contain nickel.

-Our pieces are authorial and handcrafted, with natural stones, and may vary in size and color, which makes them unique. Cherish your nuances!

About Green Agate

The green color of this agate is directly linked to health. Encouraging self-confidence and self-esteem, she is able to restore your internal strength, bringing emotional balance, persuasion and recognition of the Ego. It is a stone that brings you closer to your inner self, bringing self-knowledge, expansion and personal growth. Anyone who has a stagnant life, discouraged and sees no way out, can use this stone as a tool. The power of the color green and mineral nature bring the balance and sense of order necessary for transformation, as well as the strength and courage for change.

About Green Quartz

Green Quartz is considered the healing stone due to the calming and detoxifying properties of its color. He is able to calm the body, mind and heart, increasing our patience, favoring emotional balance, a feeling of well-being and also sleep.

Shipping & Returns

All of our Jewelrys are hand-crafted and made in Brazil, most of your items are shipped from U.S.A , if not in stock
shipping can take 2 weeks.

all sales are final, returns and exchange only if item arrives broken or missing parts.

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