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Crystal Quartz Earring

Crystal Quartz Earring

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Bodrum earring

- Our Bodrum earring, is composed of malachite gravel and green quartz and a gold plated structure.

- Our bath is hypoarlgenic and contains no nickel.

- Our pieces are authorial and handmade, with natural stones, they may vary in size and color, which makes them unique. Cherish these nuances!


Green Quartz transmits the healing energy of the Green Ray to the cells and thus strengthens the health as a whole, rejuvenates the body and increases our self-healing power. Its energies protect against energy vampirism, transform negative energies into positive ones and help to attract prosperity to its bearer.

It also improves overall health, increases our energy, eliminates physical and mental fatigue, balances emotions and strengthens metabolism.


Malachite is considered the stone of health, it regulates blood pressure and helps in curing asthma, arthritis, epilepsy, cancer and joint pain. It strengthens the immune system, stimulates the liver to eliminate toxins and treats diabetes when worn on the wrist. This stone also aligns DNA, strengthens the pancreas and spleen and is very beneficial for women's sexual health, even being able to facilitate childbirth.

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